5-Year-Old Marketing Genius Blows Our Minds With Interpretation of Logos (VIDEO)

graffittiI truly understood the power of branding when my toddler pointed a chubby finger out the car window at a pair of massive golden arches and said, in his just-emerging little voice, "McDonald's." He'd never been to that or any other fast-food chain. I doubt he knew what people bought there. But the brand? Well, it had surrounded him since birth: sponsoring children's programming and, I don't know, just in the air. 

If anyone else has any doubt that children pick up waaaay more branding and marketing than we parents realize, there's proof in a YouTube video that's gone viral overnight. In it, a 5-year-old girl's voice is heard giving her impressions of various corporate and product logos.


Pepsi? That's "the pop from the pizza place." The Starbucks mermaid is "the coffee logo." Fair enough. But then things get really interesting: The Republican elephant, to her, is clearly a "parade elephant." A big D, "That is the Disney." (Is it me, or does the "the" seem to give it extra importance?) Monster Energy? "Little squirms." The Motorola M? Helpfully, she points out, "Upside down, M's are W's."

It goes on. And it's eye-opening. For instance, Greyhound, Jaguar, and Puma might want to all change their names to Cheetah. The NBC peacock does look a little like a rainbow-colored turkey, and the Olympic rings do resemble baby toys. And babies, if you were not yet aware, are "little."

Also, maybe I'm a little thick, but I never realized the McDonald's M looks like it's made out of fries. I bet my no-longer-toddler son did, though.

You really have to watch "Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from my 5-year-old)" for yourself! So adorable:

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Can your child identify these logos?


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