Mother Makes Big Sacrifice to Save Her 3-Year-Old Son's Life

heart in handAs a parent you'd do anything to save your child's life -- even donate an organ. And one mom is taking just that bold step in order to save her 3-year-old child. Makenzie Glen of Sulphur Springs, Texas is going under the knife to give her son, Jace, one of her kidneys.

Jace was born six weeks early with polycistic kidney disease, and by the time he was just 4 months old, doctors had to remove both of his kidneys. He's been on dialysis ever since. With this transplant Makenzie gives her son a chance to live a longer, healthier life free from life-supporting machines. "I want the best for him, and I want him to live, and this is lifesaving ... so I'd give anything for him," Makenzie says.


Little Jace is tremendously lucky to share the same blood type as his mother. Kidney transplants are always tricky -- patients' bodies do not always accept the new organ. But with an organ coming from such a close family member, that improves his chances. Doctors and family members are hopeful. It's the best possible option the family could want.

Even before the surgery, Jace was showing signs of improvement. Makenzie says doctors had told the couple the boy would never walk or talk, but "he is doing both, and I give it to God, and I think it's our faith that has brought us this far."

Makenzie had to wait for Jace to recover from several infections first, but the surgery is today! I have my fingers (and toes) crossed for everything to go well. But with so much love and hope surrounding this family, I think they're chances are outstanding.

Has anyone in your family ever donated an organ to another family member?


Image via the Italian voice/Flickr

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