$3,000 for a Toddler Coat Should Be a Crime

expensive children's clothes ridiculous
This is not okay.
I happen to think my kids are adorable. Even more adorable? When I dress them in super cute clothes. It's hard to resist the allure of little ones dressed to the nines, so often times we don't. Yet, I have a feeling most of us think a cute suit from Baby Gap is the bomb, and never even consider heading to 5th Avenue in New York City to drop thousands of dollars on dress-up clothes for our toddlers.

Please, someone tell me if I'm wrong. However, I doubt any one of you reading this ever thought it was okay to spend $2,900 on a Gucci jacket for your toddler. Nor, $1,100 on a Little Lanvin dress. I have to say even people I know who have a heck of a lot more money than I do, would still not be on board with this situation.

Right? Right???


Yet, we do spend around $32 billion on children's clothes each year here in America. Which means my $6 bargain bin finds at Old Navy are not at all making a dent in this figure. I'm guessing the Splendid outfits I pick up at my local used kid clothing consignment shop don't even figure in at all. So who are these people dropping thousands on kid's clothes? There aren't enough babies in Hollywood to wear all of the Gucci, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Lanvin that's available. And if you are spending this much money to dress your kid, you should be unbelievably ashamed of yourself. You could be doing actual good with that money, rather than dolling up a child who could not give one crap.

Even those of us who are sometimes sent products to review can't be representing on this level. And honestly, if someone sent me a coat for my toddler that cost $3,000 I would wonder how many times I would have to sleep with them and/or what they must think of me that I could be so easily bought with a jacket for a kid who comes home regularly with paint in his hair.

This "trend" or whatever it is, is absolutely insane. And I cannot imagine one single mother who would not agree. If someone does, you should be punished. I mean, really punished.

I already know the answer, but would you spend thousands of dollars on clothes for your toddler?


Image via Neiman Marcus

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