Itty Bitty Baby Bumps of 'What to Expect' Movie Characters Are So Not the Real Deal

brooklyn deckerThe movie version of everybody's favorite (or least favorite) pregnancy book, What to Expect When You're Expecting, is just a stone's throw away from being released. Actually, it's more than a stone's throw -- last time I checked, it wasn't being released until May -- but still, that's not stopping movie executives from starting the promotion process.

And of course with the promotion process comes movie posters. Individual posters featuring the ladies of the cast -- Cameron Diaz, Anna Kendrick, Brooklyn Decker, Jennifer Lopez, and Elizabeth Banks -- will be making their way to a theater near you soon, and while the actresses (obviously) all look like their usual lovely selves, they look nothing like pregnant women. Hey, Brooklyn, is that a basketball in your shirt or are you just happy to see me?

Wait 'til you see the rest ...





Check 'em out:

anna kendrick

cameron diaz

elizabeth banks

jennifer lopez

Now, I've been pretty lucky with pregnancy thus far (knock wood) in the sense that, as of now at least, I still look like myself. I mean, I'm bigger than I was before, but I still look recognizable. At least I think I do. (If I don't, please don't tell me.) But I don't look 100 percent completely and totally the way I did before getting pregnant with -- boop! -- just an itty-bitty wittle ball where my abs used to be.

Things change when you're pregnant. Yeah, some women look better than others, but stuff's different -- on everyone. That's just biology. I get that Hollywood actresses don't want anyone realizing that they're human and all, but this is laughably ridiculous. Haven't any of them heard of the ol' "gain weight, win an Oscar" theory? J.Lo doesn't even look pregnant! Unless this is a still from the movie the second after she peed on a stick, I think I'm missing something.

Hands down, the weirdest one to me is Brooklyn Decker's, though. In addition to being rail-thin without an ounce of bloat in sight, it literally looks like the props department just gave her a ball of some sort to stuff into her dress. This is one of the worst depictions of a pregnant woman I think I've ever seen. And while Brooklyn's a beautiful woman, I don't even think she looks good here. She just looks ... weird. How about CGI-ing in some boobs for the lady? It'd be a little more convincing.

If these posters are any indication of what the movie's going to be like, I think I'll pass. If I'm going to spend $15 to see a bunch of preggos running around saying clever one-liners, I want to at least be able to relate to them a little bit. I mean, even Hollywood actresses -- in real life -- look a little bloated when they're pregnant.

What do you think of these posters? Do you think these ladies look like "real pregnant women"?

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