The American Girl Doll Cult Isn't so Bad After All

american girl doll problem
Why Does She Scare Me So Much?
If you have a daughter, you know all about this American Girl Doll. Or I should say, "dolls." Lots and lots of smooth-skinned dolls with fancy, expensive duds, just waiting to go home with your little lady as long as you shell over hundreds of dollars. It's a winning business model for the AGD folks, and I'm not one to begrudge anyone their success. Additionally, as a consumer of fun things for my kids, I'm not averse to buying them toys. I love toys. It's the cult-like following that I take issue with when little girls are sucked into the vortex of the cafes and showrooms.

Our home is American Girl Doll-free, by design. But something happened at the carpool drop-off lane that has me re-thinking my anti-stance. And it's probably the same thing that has happened to millions of mothers all over the U.S.A. who also swore they'd never drop a c-note on a toy.


Two of my daughter's super cute classmates announced to me today that they had just gotten an American Girl Doll. No, I'm not that easily swayed by peer pressure. It was the way these two cuties said it that made me reconsider my ban. I was helping these little ladies out of their car seats when they looked up at me, and very excitedly announced the arrival of their new "friend." If one little girl had done it, it would have been cute. But when two adorable munchkins are waxing poetic about their American Girl Doll, my heart melts a little bit.

I immediately cornered yet another mom of a little girl -- one who I deemed reasonable, and therefore, like-minded -- and asked her about her daughter's doll collection. She pretty much summed it up when she said they were avoiding the American Girl Doll store at the mall, but if one showed up in her daughter's bedroom, hey, she wouldn't kick it out. Then she voiced my biggest fear when she admitted that she wouldn't be surprised if this time next year, we were taking our daughters for tea with their dolls, and all six of us were wearing matching outfits.

And that's where they get ya. It's cute imagining your little girl loving something so much she dresses just like it. Throw in a tea party, and you're a couple hundred bucks poorer but isn't your little girl so sweet? Ack.

Are you in the American Girl Doll cult?


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