7th Grader Who Urinated in a Bottle During Class Isn't the One Who Should be Punished

water bottle It was just a few days ago that we heard the outrageous news about a teacher in New York restricting kids to three bathroom breaks a week. Now lo and behold, the potty predicament of a Texas student demonstrates exactly why such a policy is such a bad idea, and how when kids say they need to go, they need to be able to go.

According to a story from Fox, a Texas seventh grader's request to use the restroom during class was repeatedly denied. The teacher even reportedly told him that she hoped he peed in his pants. Instead of doing that, he urinated into a water bottle. He did so discretely, somehow putting the bottle up his pant leg, but his tactic was discovered after the bottle fell out of his jacket at the end of class. Talk about a humiliating experience on so many, many levels.

Even more outrageous than the fact that he was forced to do this and that a teacher would act in such a manner is how the school has reacted to the incident.


Instead of the teacher being disciplined, it's the student who has come under fire. After the incident, the school called the District Attorney's office to see if they could press criminal charges against the boy. The answer was no, though I question if there are some that might not be able to be pressed against that teacher.

So since they couldn't slap charges on him, they sentenced him to a month at an alternative school. Outrageous, and his parents are understandably appealing. As his attorney, Bill Hawkins, said:

The boy's conduct would not have taken place if not for the teacher's actions. He had an impossible choice and he came up with the best solution he could under the circumstances.

How could she? As I said in the case of the New York teacher, I understand that unnecessary and excessive requests to use the restroom can become problematic in a classroom. But this is an area in which the benefit of the doubt really needs to be exercised more often than not. If it's an ongoing problem, then it should be dealt with, but kids need to go when they need to go. Hell, so do adults.

I say good for this boy for doing what he thought was best in a truly terrible situation. And I hope that outrage as this story spreads causes the school to rethink their ridiculous reaction to the incident and punish the real villain here -- the teacher who denied this boy the right to use his basic bodily functions. To say this pisses me off is an understatement and, yes, an intentional pun.

Do you think the boy did the right thing? What do you think of the school's reaction?

Image via Ted Percival/Flickr

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