Family Auctions Toddler's Artwork to Pay for Cancer Treatment

Liam Myrick I'll be honest, I save very few of my toddler daughter's paintings. I ooo and aww over them when she brings them home from preschool, then throw them in the trash when she's not looking. Oh, I save a few, but I don't see the point in keeping every little piece she creates.

One toddler's artwork, however, is much more valuable to his family. Liam Myrick of Missouri is using his paintings to help pay for his cancer treatments. According to WILX, the 3-year-old was diagnosed with a tumor on his kidney last year. He underwent chemo and then recently a bone marrow transplant, which left him confined to a hospital room.


Part of his physical therapy was learning to walk again, and one way to encourage him to do so was to let him paint, which he does with zest. His mother told HLN painting also helps him forget about his pain. Meanwhile the family's medical  bills have mounted to more than $500,000, so they got the idea to sell his paintings online to help pay some of them.

They will be auctioned off on his Facebook page, Miracle Boy 4 a Cure, where the family also sells bracelets to raise funds. The paintings aren't up yet, but a post promises that they will be soon and that those interested should check back. It's heartbreaking that this is what they have to resort to in this country to pay for life-saving medical care, but a beautiful way to do it.

Making this particular family's case even more sympathetic is the fact that this is their second time facing the nightmare of a child diagnosed with cancer. Their 6-year-old daughter reportedly is currently in remission from an unrelated type of cancer.

If you're able, visit the site, take a look at Liam's paintings, and buy one or donate if you can. He seems like a strong and talented boy whose work and determination would brighten up any home.

Have you had a child face cancer or another serious disease? How did you pay for medical treatment?

Image via Facebook

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