Parents Find Missing Autistic Child With Help of Facebook Friends

facebook finds autistic missing childIf you've ever complained about Facebook (the over-sharing! the bragging! the whining and complaining!), this story will make you glad the social networking site is as popular as it is. In a very scary story out of Kansas City, 15-year-old Isabella Davies was missing for more than 12 hours after failing to get on her school bus. This autistic girl was eventually discovered by a stranger, who happened to visit Isabella's mother's Facebook page she had set up for her boutique.

Random. And pretty amazing when you realize the reach of Facebook goes well beyond your personal friends and family members, and right when you need it. Or right when the Davies family needed it, as shown by this story with a happy ending that could have gone horribly wrong.


Isabella had been emotional the week prior to her disappearance, her family says mostly over the death of her grandmother. So perhaps it's not surprising that the teenager had spent the night in a cemetery and was found early that morning after someone saw the photo and information on her mother's Facebook site she used to promote her Kansas City store.

It's kind of unreal. A complete stranger saw the notice because she happened to 'Like' the boutique, and then started looking near the store for Isabella. Just imagine if you 'Like'd' your local vintage shop and discovered you could personally assist the owner in some massive way. Isabella was found near her mother's store and near the shopper's home. Naturally her mom and dad are incredibly relieved, and grateful for the help from someone they don't even know.

I know I expect to get a laugh or three out of my daily Facebook'ing, and hopefully some new connections of people I used to know. But having someone find my child when she's gone missing -- that's the best thing I've ever heard about Facebook and its crazy powers.


Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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