Good Moms Don't Take Their 5-Year-Olds Along on Bank Heists

Bank robber

It can be a real drag to find a sitter sometimes, especially when you’re a busy mom on the run. (Boy, don’t I know.) But if you’re on the run from the law, that’s a whole other story. A Chicago-area woman is accused of being a ride or die chick for her boyfriend while he robbed a bank — and taking her 5-year-old along on the heist. Well then, there’s that. 

Apparently Lauri Ruble strapped her son into his car seat and her boo, Brandon Stancliff, grabbed a kitchen knife and the requisite bank robber bandana. (Especially necessary when you have a face full of tattoos. Good plan.) They headed to Wauconda Community Bank, and she went in and cased the joint to count the number of tellers. When she came back out, he went in and shook down employees for a little less than $5,000. All while the baby stayed in the car. 


Even their extra set of eyes didn’t keep them from getting caught by the cops, and Ruble and Stancliff have been charged with the heist, pulled just a few days after Christmas. Judging by the mugshot, it wasn’t toy shopping that caused this Bonnie and Clyde-like outlawishness. Ruble was released on bail this week — though she still faces the fallout from her federal crime — but most importantly, she regrets taking her son along on her stick-up mission.  

Now the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is hot on their heels to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect. Uhh yeah. Regret or not, she put her son in a dangerous position. I’m not saying I think he should be taken — I don’t — but it wouldn’t hurt for the authorities to keep an eye on him for a while. Just for safety’s sake.

I try really hard not to judge other parents but c’mon, can we be honest? Don’t you run across news stories sometimes and wonder: what in the name of all that’s good and sensible were you thinking? I’ve done my fair share of stupid things, but I’ve never thought about leaving Girl Child in the car while I pulled a bank heist, for example. I do think in this case, though, Ruble is just another example of a woman who opened herself up to I’ll-do-anything-for-my-man bad decision-making.

When you look at the number of ladies in prison because of crimes involving their husbands and boyfriends, it’s overwhelming. Now she’s just another one in the system. And she took her little one along for the ride.

How many strikes do you think a mother should get before authorities take her children from her?

Image via cheesechoker/Flickr

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