Mom Who Let 10-Year-Old Get Tattoo Is Anything But Cruel (VIDEO)

gaquan tattooI have tattoos. I also have a 10-year-old. I do not have a 10-year-old with tattoos, but do I think the Georgia mom who allowed her 10-year-old to get a tattoo deserved to be arrested? No, no, no. A thousand times no.

Why? Well, there's a lot more to this story than you might think. The tattoo in question wasn't just any tattoo.

Ten-year-old Gaquan went to his mother, Chupera Napier, and asked if he could get a tattoo in memory of his older brother Malik, who was killed by a teenage driver at the age of 12.

Gaquan was with Malik when he died.

How could any mom deny such a request?


Napier couldn't, and I don't think I could either. So she took Gaquan to a tattoo artist.

The boy was inked with a design incorporating his late brother's old jersey number, a meaningful reminder of Malik's short life. Everything was fine until Gaquan went back to school. That's when someone spotted his fresh tat and alerted the authorities.

Napier was arrested and is now facing child cruelty charges. She didn't know it was illegal for a 10-year-old to get a tattoo in Georgia (even with parental consent). Interestingly, if she'd taken Gaquan to another state, such as Colorado, Connecticut, or New Mexico, his tattoo would have been perfectly legal.

Child cruelty? They're charging a mother who's still mourning the tragic loss of one son with child cruelty ... for this?

I wish someone could explain to me why it is that moms like Chupera Napier get investigated for abuse and so many other parents who actually are guilty of unfathomable cruelty to their kids somehow fly under the radar of the authorities ... until yet another child is dead. I'm thinking of the 10-year-old girl killed by her own family for eating a Popsicle "without permission." I'm thinking of the mother who beat her 3-year-old son to death for wetting his pants and then ate a pizza.

Where is the justice?

Poor Chupera Napier has suffered enough.

Do you think Chupera Napier is guilty of child cruelty for letting her 10-year-old get a tattoo in honor of his dead brother?


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