Reckless Motorcycle Drivers Should Be Fined -- Even When They're 6

If you've ever been walking down a city street and hit by a kid on roller skates or on a scooter or even on a bike, then you know parents aren't watching their kids on riding toys. As a mom of two kids who often use riding toys AND sidewalks, I get how hard it can be, but I also don't think it's good for anyone when parents allow their kids to ride like crazy people. That is why I support the idea of ticketing kids (and parents) who use riding toys recklessly.

A 6-year-old boy who crashed his toy motorcycle into an SUV in Mexico was ticketed, hit with a $183 fine, and had his motorized toy confiscated. His mother is furious, but I think the police handled it well. What was a 6-year-old doing in the street driving a toy motorcycle?

Kids are seriously dangerous on riding toys. My 3-year-old son rides over my foot at least four times a day on his toy ATV and that is just in our tiny house. Outside, he would be a menace.


So when he does go outside, I keep him confined. I look out for people. I stand next to him and make sure he stops at every street. I don't let him drive recklessly or hit cars or people and I certainly wouldn't do so if his car had a motor. Those toys are great, but the reason they cost so much is because they're meant for people with private estates. They aren't meant for people to drive them in the street.

That is just plain irresponsible. This mom may want us to feel bad for her, but instead, I feel scared for her child. Why was he driving his toy motorcycle in the street? He is 6!

The fact is, those riding toys are dangerous. They can go fast and they can hurt others (including children). It's our job as parents to keep kids riding them in check. If we can't do that, then sure, the police can ticket them.

I find this neither outrageous or weird. The kid was driving recklessly and he got a ticket. This is exactly what should have happened.

Have you ever seen a kid riding one of these recklessly?


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