Cyber-Bullied Girl With Huntington's Disease Passes Away and Finds Peace at Last

angel stoneNever has the phrase "may she rest in peace" been spoken with such sincerity as in regards to Kathleen Edwards. The 9-year-old girl passed away from Huntington's Disease this week, the same degenerative brain disease that killed her mother in 2009. And the same degenerative brain disease that made her the target of the most cruel, heartless cyber-bullying attack anyone could ever imagine.

Any kind of bullying attack, actually. Kathleen's tormentor wasn't a mean kid from school or around the neighborhood. Her tormentor was a neighbor, but Jennifer Petkov is a 33-year-old woman. Which makes what she did beyond inexcusable.

Petkov allegedly created a Facebook page under Kathleen's' name with images of her late mother, Laura, in the arms of the Grim Reaper and Kathleen's face above a set of crossbones.

And it gets even worse.


Petkov and her husband Scott also allegedly drove around Kathleen's home in a truck with a coffin attached.

All for the "personal satisfaction" Petkov said she got out of upsetting Kathleen's grandmother, against whom Petkov held a longstanding grudge.

For supposedly not inviting her children to a birthday party.

As a mom, I'll be honest -- I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around this one. Bad enough the child loses her mother to a terminal disease. Bad enough the child is diagnosed with a terminal disease. To be brutalized to such a severe degree on top of everything she was already suffering?

Petkov ended up serving 18 months probation as part of a plea deal for assaulting another neighbor and was also required to move out of the area. (Good luck to that beast's new neighbors!!) Justice? Not hardly, not in my opinion.

But no matter what one believes or doesn't believe about the afterlife, I think it goes without saying that Kathleen is with her mother again, and the two are finally at peace.

How does reading this story make you feel as a parent?


Image via Cindy Funk/Flickr


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