'Pornographic' Coloring Book Teaches Girls to Love Their Bodies

There is a trend right now to make very grown-up books in the format of children's books. First there was Go the F**k to Sleep, which was a big hit, then there was All My Friends Are Dead, That's Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale, and more. Naturally, it's no surprise that coloring books would follow.

The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas is definitely (definitely!) not a kids' book. But it's a book I would like to "share" with my daughter in some way. Now, at 5, I would never let her actually near this book since it's basically porn (the writer also has a Big Coloring Books of Co*ks as well and that one is definitely grown-up), but I love the concept.

The vagina book isn't about masturbation for men (unless you want it to be) and is much more about body empowerment. This is a lesson I want for my kids and for my daughter in particular.


The book encourages women to commune with their vagina, which sounds so silly to say (and what does it even mean?). But if you have ever been a mom to a boy baby (and I have for almost four years now), then you know that boys start "communing" with their penises from a young age.

We've had to actively train our son not to pull down his pants all the time and share his favorite thing in the world with the whole world. It makes us laugh how proud he is of his nether regions and most of the boy moms I know say their sons are the same. "Penis pride" is a real thing, people.

Girls, on the other hand, have no equivalent. Maybe it's because all of our workings are more on the inside, but my daughter doesn't run around feeling so excited about herself in the way my son does. I wish she did.

Obviously, I don't want her thinking other people are allowed to touch her or bother her, but that is kind of the point of body pride. It helps a person feel good and strong in their own skin and love what they have, not covet what someone else has. If you know your own body and you respect and love it, then you're far less likely to let someone else abuse it in any way.

Girls need the same body pride that boys have, but for boys it's instinct, something they innately know how to do and nearly all start feeling around 18 months or so. Girls have no equivalent.

The other day my daughter asked me why her brother was so happy about his penis. "He must just love being a boy," she said with a laugh. I laughed, too. But it made me a little sad. I want her to love being a girl, too. Though I would never in a million years buy her this book, I can think of many adult women who could use the boost and the idea is one I would like to impart to my daughter and myself. 

Vagina pride could someday be just as real as penis pride, right? A girl can dream.

What do you think of this book?


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