Bald Barbie Is a Beautiful Idea for Young Cancer Patients

Bald and Beautiful BarbieWhen it comes to Barbie, there's plenty of bashing. From promoting unrealistic body images to incarnating her into the likes of the Kardashians and giving her tattoos, Barbie has pissed off parents aplenty.

But there's one Barbie that no one should have a problem with -- Bald and Beautiful Barbie. An online movement is calling on Mattel to manufacture such a Barbie so girls who lose their hair from cancer treatments and other diseases have a Barbie that looks like them.

It's an incredible idea, and the only problem I see is that no one thought of it sooner.


The movement was launched by some women whose daughters were dealing with hair loss or were dealing with it themselves. They launched the Facebook page Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let's see if we can get it made a few days before Christmas. Today, it has almost 37,000 likes.

Beckie Sypin, a California mother who helped launch it, told MSNBC:

My daughter is battling leukemia right now and she's been going through chemotherapy for the last two years. She was bald for about seven months and we would go to the store and people would stare or kids would ask her why she's bald. It's not something they're used to seeing. We think [a bald Barbie] would be therapeutic and I think it would help baldness become more quote unquote normal. It would be seen. It wouldn't be this odd thing that people don't have hair.

Even if you're anti-Barbie, you have to admit this is a wonderful idea. To lose one's hair is difficult any way you look at it. It's a symbol of beauty, and to have it stripped away at such an already painful time is heartbreaking. I think we can all put aside any debate about Barbie being a detriment to the feminist movement and agree that anything that helps a little girl with cancer feel better about herself is a good thing.

As for boys with cancer, if Barbie isn't their thing, a push has been started for them as well. The Bald G.I. Joe Movement page has almost 2,000 likes. Fortunately, they say Hasbro has had an encouraging response.

So far, Mattel hasn't responded positively. Rather they reportedly just sent a letter saying they don't accept outside ideas. Hopefully, with all the publicity, they'll rethink that. There's nothing to lose here and everything to gain for these girls. C'mon Mattel, do the right thing and give us Bald and Beautiful Barbie.

Do you think these companies should manufacture bald Barbie and G.I. Joe dolls?

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