7-Year-Old Boy Blows Up Building & You'll Love Why (VIDEO)

maxwell hintonWhen the Make-A-Wish Foundation asked Maxwell Hinton, a 7-year-old recovering cancer patient, what he wanted from them, it was a no-brainer: He wanted to blow up a building. Worked for them! The foundation flew Max and his family from Fresno, California out to Huron, Ohio, where he was able to push the button that set off a series of detonations, which took down an enormous ConAgra grain mill.

It's every 7-year-old boy's dream incarnate! Check out the video of adorable Maxwell, and his hilarious explanation as to where his passion for explosions came from.




"I watch MythBusters and they inspired me to blow a building up." Priceless!

Seriously, this has to be one of the most adorable -- creative -- wishes the Make-A-Wish Foundation has ever fulfilled. It's just so perfectly 7-year-old boy, if that makes any sense. Maxwell just wanted to blow something up because it seemed fun. There's nothing aggro about it; it was just good ol' fashioned curiosity -- and of course, a desire to see something go boom.

Customarily, the poor little boys and girls who make wishes through the foundation want to meet someone -- be it a celebrity, or Mickey Mouse. This is such a hilariously cute wish -- and one I'm kind of surprised they were able to grant! I'm so, so glad Maxwell was able to fulfill his dream of blowing up a building. But, more importantly, I'm so, so glad he's in recovery. A happy story in every way. Yay!

How cute is Maxwell and his wish? And how great is the Make-A-Wish Foundation?!

Image via Huffington Post

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