Unborn Baby's Kick Saves His Dad's Life

pregnantOccasionally we see amazing stories of children saving their parents' lives -- toddlers who dial 911 when a parent is ill or otherwise react with wisdom well beyond their years. Well, a wee little boy in Georgia may have bested them all as his mother says he saved his father's life before he'd been born.

According to Sara McDonald, who is 7 1/2 months pregnant, her husband, Thomas, wouldn't be here today if her baby hadn't given her a very powerful sign that something was wrong -- a big kick. She says that kick from her baby, Cameron, jolted her out of a deep sleep where she found her husband unresponsive.


She told the station he didn't have a heartbeat and that he was "purple from the waist up." She was, understandably, terrified and called police after trying to perform CPR herself. Officers say they weren't sure he would make it, but fortunately he did, and he's going to be fine.

McDonald has no doubt that her unborn son was responsible.

It's like my baby saved my husband's life. And he's not even here yet and he saved his dad's life. It's an amazing feeling and I don't think anyone else can say that.

While skeptics may say it was just a coincidence, who's to know really. Stranger things have happened, and perhaps a baby's sense in the womb is stronger than we know.

In any case it's a lovely story for this family that I'm sure they'll retell for years to come. Perhaps little Cameron will even hold it over his dad's head someday when he wants the car keys or something. "Hey dad, remember that time I saved your life?"

Of course, what really matters is the ending of the story -- that Thomas survived and will be able to thank his son in person when he arrives in just a few short months.

What do you think of this story? Did you ever feel like your baby communicated with you from the womb?

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