Mom Induces Labor So Newborn Can Meet Dying Sister

baby toesAs a mom who faced preeclampsia and had no choice but to deliver my son at 27 weeks, I cringe when anyone talks of inducing labor early. I would have given anything for him to stay even a few more days in the womb, so there are few, if any, reasons beyond absolute medical necessity that I will ever truly understand for early induction.  Paula Holmes, however, had a reason to deliver her daughter Scarlett three weeks early that is more than understandable.

Though it was a healthy pregnancy, Holmes chose to be induced because another of her children wasn't healthy. Her 10-year-old daughter, Katy Holmes, is critically ill, and Paula wanted to make sure Scarlet met her big sister before she died.


According to a story in the Lancashire Evening Post, Katy began showing signs of illness last October. Normally a jubilant, smiling child, her mother knew something was wrong when Katy was presented with an award at school and didn't show any emotion.

... when the headteacher gave her the certificate, she did not smile or even flinch. She just looked sad, which was really out of character. My mother’s instinct sent alarm bells ringing, and I knew there was something seriously wrong.

She was right, and Katy was diagnosed shortly thereafter with an inoperable brain tumor. Her parents knew they were expecting a baby at the time, but as that pregnancy progressed so did Katy's illness. They feared the two girls would never meet if they waited any longer, so Paula requested an induction three weeks before her due date.

Her doctor agreed, and Scarlett was delivered without complication. She met Katy, and they immediately started developing a special bond. "All we have to do is put Scarlet in her arms and she starts smiling,” Paula told the paper.

And Katy is still fighting her fight. Though her parents have been told to say their goodbyes to her on numerous occasions, she's pulled through every time they thought it was the end. The bond with little Scarlett is likely strengthening her fight. Even though it is one that seemingly won't be won with anything short of a miracle, the time the two girls get together is an amazing gift for each of them and for their family.

If ever there was a reason for a non-medically necessary induction, this is it right here. Best wishes to all of them.

Do you think this is a good reason for an early induction?

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