Mom Shouldn't Have Posted Daughter's 'No Haircut!' Note Online

letterSo, here's something funny. A mom named Julie in Milwaukee had been trying to take her nine-year-old daughter for a haircut for sometime. But her daughter, who apparently has an affinity for her locks, wanted nothing to with this tortuous idea. So, on the day that Julie was set to take her daughter to the salon, she found a super hilarious, super dramatic note on her bed that attempted to tug at her heartstrings.

It's cute. It's funny. It's classic nine-year-old antics. But, I'm wondering if it was really necessary to post the letter online for the world to see? Maybe it's just me, but it seems a little bit like soliciting a laugh at your child's expense.


I remember being nine. Vividly. (I was nine, afterall, not two.) I did crap like this all the time -- would write my parents letters apologizing for some idiotic thing I did; or make up a song to try to get out of going to gymnastics. And although I didn't realize it at the time, my mother and father thought this stuff, that I found to be incredibly clever, was funny. And I'm sure they sure they shared my letters and stories with their friends and the rest of our family -- which seems fair enough; I'm sure I'll do the same thing. But when it's posted on the Internet, it kind of takes on a whole, new meaning.

Don't get me wrong, I think the letter is terribly sweet and funny, and it definitely brought a smile to my face. But part of me feels kind of bad for the little girl who wrote it. As silly as the whole thing is, clearly her hair is something that's important to her -- and she didn't want to get it cut. Posting the letter not only disregards her feelings, but it sort of makes a bit of a mockery of them. It's like, the mom used it to get the world to laugh.

Like I said, though, the whole thing is kind of silly. If the little girl knows about this (which, hopefully, she doesn't), I'm sure she'll get over it. And at the very least, though, I hope she got to keep her hair.

Would you post a letter your kid wrote online?

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