Mom Defends 10-Year-Old Son for Pointing Gun-Shaped Pizza at Classmates (VIDEO)

pizza shaped like gun

Ten-year-old Star Wars fan Nicholas Taylor took "the force" too far when he was nibbling on some pizza in such a way that it began to resemble a gun. Apparently one of his classmates at David Youree Elementary School in Smyrna, Tennessee, noticed the pistol shape and that's when Nicholas started firing his cheesy bread into the air. Clearly, his first mistake was not eating pizza like most people -- from the tip ... that is if this rendering of the gun-shaped slice from News 2 Nashville is accurate.

Little not so saintly Nick got in big trouble in school and now has to sit at the "silent table" during lunch for six whole days. There is so much ridiculousness here I don't know where to start. Okay, let's start with Nick's mom LeAnn who is doing exactly what I would do if that was my son -- being his biggest advocate and working to clear his name. Because no 10-year-old deserves a pizza gun charge on their record.



"Absolutely ridiculous" is what mom LeAnn is saying and I agree. Try to put yourself in this kid's shoes. You are trying to scoff down a probably cold and not very good slice of pizza and your buddy across the table says something like Hey dude! That's looks like a gun! Whoa! You chuckle and start saying Pow! Pow! with the limp slice and the whole table erupts in laughter. You play it up maybe quoting Dirty Harry and say Go ahead, make my day!

Remember, you are 10. You do things with food and it's funny.

Side note: How adorable is Nicholas?!?! Good move choosing that photo, mama LeAnn, good move.

James Evans, spokesperson for the Rutherford County School District where the elementary school resides, said, "I realize some might say we are going overboard but the principal is just trying to use an abundance of caution and send the message that we don't play about guns and it's not something we joke around about." He also said it was the threatening and the lying that got him in trouble. Nicholas also had to take a gun safety class at the school.

I get it, I do. In a world post-Columbine, guns in schools shouldn't be taken lightly. But this wasn't a gun. Or even a toy gun. It was a slice of pizza. Food safety is what he should be learning. And what about the kid who pointed out that it looked like a gun? That kid should get at least seven days at the silent table -- he was the whistle-blower! He envisioned the gun shape. What's on that kid's mind?!?!

LeAnn made sure to tell the world that they don't own guns and Nicholas is more of a light saber fan thanks to his love of Star Wars. But he'll still forever be the kid who made the pizza gun. I would be trying to clear my kid's name with the local news just like LeAnn is if this was my kid. It just feels like too big a deal has been made of this. He has also been warned that if he eats his pizza into the shape of a gun and there is another incident, he will be suspended.

We all need to now teach our kids to be careful how we eat our food in case another student sees something in it.

What do you think? Did the school go too far with the punishment? Shouldn't just a talk have been good enough? Would you stand up for your child to clear his name like this mom did?

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