Creepy Naked Guy Doesn't Belong in Ad for Kids' Clothing

La Redoute adI love European clothing for children. It always looks so fresh and fun without being overly trendy or trashy. Somehow they know how to make kids look like kids without plastering Barney or Dora all over everything. But French children's clothing company La Redoute, recently made a major faux pas.

In an advertisement for its boys' clothing there was a big, glaring oversight. Big as in there was a fully naked man -- penis visible and all -- in the background of one of their ads (see photo WITH NUDITY after the jump). Quelle embarrassment!


La Redoute

Yep, can't miss that now, can you? But somehow this company did. I know the French are a lot more open with nudity than we are here in the States, but this has even outraged them.

The company has offered an apology and took down the picture from its website, but still there's not much they can do about the print catalog that was distributed. And how exactly does something like this happen? My skeptical side says they knew exactly what they were doing and it was a ploy for publicity, but I don't want to think a company targeted toward kids would do such a thing.

Also, this company's track record isn't so good when it comes to details. Users have pointed out that one shirt from the company proclaims "Enjoy holydays" instead of "Enjoy holidays." So maybe they are just that sloppy, which is scary.

It would almost be funny if there weren't children involved. But since there are then it just becomes too creepy to even laugh about.

Would you be shocked to see something like this on a website selling children's clothing?

Image via YouTube

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