Mom Calls Cops on Her Bickering Kids & I Applaud Her

When you have a second (or third) baby, many well-meaning friends will tell you that having more kids is always smarter -- "they entertain each other," many will say. And they are right. My two kids, now 3.5 and 5 years old, do play together very well. They can spend hours immersed in a game and love to spend time together above all else, and then, just like that -- BAM! -- my daughter bashes my son over the head.

It's so common now that he even has a specific cry reserved for when his sister hurts him (either physically or emotionally). He hits back, but since he is littler and less coordinated, his efforts are usually futile and the whole thing drives their parents insane. In fact, the biggest downside to having more than one child is the fighting.

It's a fact a mom in Salem, Massachusetts knows all too well. This week she called the cops on her bickering children and asked them to arrest her teenagers. And I don't blame her one bit.


It may seem extreme to have one's children arrested, but the fact is, this 15-year-old was hitting an 8-year-old, so that's bad enough. Even more, I feel for the mom here. I can't have my toddlers arrested, but sometimes I sure would like to.

For parents, fighting siblings is one of the worst things to mediate. The idea that one child could hurt the other is always in my head, and besides, it's just maddening. We are lucky, too. Our children are mostly well-behaved and they adore one another. But every once in a while, there is mayhem.

If this continues into the teenage years (and it better not), I could completely see calling the cops, especially if someone could get really hurt. I have noticed that my children, who are typically not hitters at school, use their hands much faster with one another. So a boy child who would never hit a girl at school might think nothing of punching his sister at home. And a girl who would never hit a person with her baseball bat might think nothing of doing it to her brother.

Those of us with siblings know it's all love hate. But as a parent, it can be insane to listen to and beyond frustrating. This mom shouldn't have to put up with it and good for her for stopping it. A teen shouldn't be hitting his 8-year-old sister no matter how much she annoys him, and maybe mom's punishment is just no longer doing the trick. My guess is this will scare him straight.

Would you call the cops on your kids?


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