7-Year-Old Saves Grandmother's Life With Crucial Skill All Kids Need

As parents, we often underestimate our children. My daughter is almost 5 and there are still days where I find myself dressing her in her clothing and pajamas or rocking her like she is a baby. It's hard to let our babies grow and it's harder still to teach them the things they know to do it well. Things like stranger danger and calling 9-1-1 and various other "life lessons" are easy to put off. But we really shouldn't.

But 7-year-old Zoria Jordan of Mississippi proves that we should be teaching our kids these lessons and teaching them much earlier than we do. Little Zoria managed to call 9-1-1 after her grandmother had a seizure and direct the paramedics to her home. All of this possibly saved her grandmother's life.

Maybe it's because I have refused to believe she was old enough, but this story makes me realize I still have quite a few things to teach my own daughter. Here are some:

  • Her Address: I think my daughter already knows this, but it would be helpful to go over it again and keep reviewing it at least once a day. You can never be too sure.
  • Fire Instructions: My daughter keeps asking to do a fire drill at home like we do at school. I need to get on this one because it would be nice to have a plan given, as of now, we don't even one ourselves. 
  • Dialing 9-1-1: She doesn't even know what 9-1-1 is yet, but even if she did, the only phones in the house are cellphones and they have codes to be able to unlock them. She needs to learn the codes or we need to know how she can dial without knowing them (I think they allow emergency calls).
  • Stranger Danger: We had a recent incident that involved "stranger danger" at my daughter's school. We have been putting the lesson off because it's a "scary" one, but it's clearly one we should've been teaching far earlier. I am glad my daughter thinks everyone is her friend, but I would also like her to have some sense of who is safe and who is not.
  • Medical Issues: I would like for my kids to have a basic understanding of choking or seizures or any other number of things that could happen to mommy or daddy or the grown-up who is watching them.

I need to get started right now!

Did you teach your kids these things? What age?


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