Unbelievable New Baby Formula Law Will Shock You

baby formula law californiaWhat the heck is going on in California? As of January 1, a whole slew of new laws went into effect that moms should be checking out. You can no longer try to ban male circumcision in your community, health insurance must cover autism related treatments, schools can suspend students for cyber bullying, booster seats are required until age 8 or 4' 9", and stores can no longer sell expired baby formula or baby food.

Ummm, what? This wasn't already a "thing" before this law? You could actually sell expired formula and baby food? For babies to eat? Legally?


Yes, and apparently you can still do it around the country as there is no federal law against selling expired formula or baby food. There are, of course, requirements to show the expiration date, but there is not a law against selling it past that date. They know that babies can't read, right? I'm kidding, kind of. Because you know who else is a little fuzzy on details? New moms and dads who have been up all night with a baby.

I doubt I ever looked at an expiration date when I purchased food or formula. I trusted the retailer to not sell me expired formula that could result in a decrease in nutrition and negatively affect my baby's brain development. Seems like a reasonable expectation. Except many large retailers have been busted selling the expired junk. Which is how this bill got passed in California in the first place -- too many stores were doing this. Scary, huh?

So everybody check your formula and baby food, because unless you live in California, your store can totally pass off the old stuff to you with on consequence. Except, of course, a refund from a very angry mother.

Did you know it was legal to sell expired formula and baby food?


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