'Tainted' Formula Scare Was False Alarm: Are You Still Worried?

formula contaminationYou know moms everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief as the report comes out of Missouri that Enfamil Premium Newborn formula is not to blame for a 10-day-old's death. After last week when Wal-Mart pulled the infant formula from its shelves after baby Avery Cornett died from the rare bacterial infection, Cronobacter sakazakii. Initially the fear was that the baby did contract the infection through his formula. Understandable, since the food source would be the first place you would look if a newborn became ill with a bacterial infection.

Additionally, of course, Enfamil must be thanking the maker that its testing showed these results. Otherwise, that would be the end of a formula company. In fact, if I had a baby and I was formula feeding, I would probably consider passing over the Enfamil even with these results. which is unbelievably unfair.


When it comes to our children -- especially our tiny newborn babies -- if we even get a hint that something may not be quite right, we tend to panic. Someone could say, "I heard they found lead on that toddler playground," and I'd never go back. Irrational? Yes. Shooting myself in the foot? Double yes. So I hope everyone, and the people in Missouri, who are feeding their babies Enfamil hear these results and don't react like that.

For the sake of Avery's parents, I hope they do find the cause of the infection, and quickly. It simply would drive someone crazy to not know what happened to take their baby away. And in the case of a deadly bacterial infection, it is imperative that other people in the community know what happened to baby Avery as well.

But everyone else should (while being safe) go back to feeding their baby the way they did before the scare. No matter what your choice may be.

Does this information make you feel okay about Enfamil again?


Image via nerissa's ring/Flickr


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