Mom Who Gave Birth Under Christmas Tree Got Best Present of All

christmas tree
A nice place to give birth
Christmas 2011
was one for the books for a pregnant woman in Tasmania. No, she didn't finally get her great grandmother's fruit cake right, and no, she didn't get that Pandora bracelet that she was dying for. She got a baby. Shortly after 12:00 a.m. On Christmas Day. Underneath her Christmas tree. And it wasn't planned!

The best part of all? One of the paramedics who helped deliver her baby girl wore a pair of reindeer antlers. Aw.


Okay, maybe that wasn't the best part of all, but it's pretty damn cute. The birth went smoothly and everybody's doing great.

I've always been anti-holiday babies. You know, kids who are born on Christmas, Halloween, New Year's, etc. I mean, I understand that it's really not something a mom can control, but I'd be a little bummed out if my baby was born on one of these days. It seems like the kids are kind of getting the short end of the stick. They don't get one single day to celebrate their birth -- they have to mash it into another day that celebrates everyone. Seems a little unfair.

This is one holiday baby I can get behind, though. The tree. The story. It's all pretty great.

Even though I'm too worried and cautious and neurotic to do a home birth (at least this time around), I really can't think of a more soothing, peaceful place to deliver a baby than underneath the warm glow of a Christmas tree. It seems like everything would have to go smoothly. I mean, you're under a Christmas tree for God's sake! It's so safe and cuddly, and tranquil. And if you want to talk in metaphors, it is where you put the gifts.

This wasn't the birth that this mom planned -- when the ambulance arrived at her house, she was too far along to be taken to the hospital -- but I really can't think of how this could have possibly been any better.

Did you have a home birth or a holiday baby?


Image via wolfsavard/Flickr

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