Baby Sticks Fingers In Obama's Mouth & Gets Lifetime of Fame (VIDEO)

Obama and Cooper Wall WagnerLike Barack Obama or not, you can't deny the fact that the man is good with babies. Christmas day, while the President was posing for a photo at Marine Corps Base Hawaii with Captain Greg Wagner, Meredith Wagner, and their 8-month-old son, Cooper Wall Wagner, he was treated to a holiday surprise -- little Cooper's fingers in his mouth and nose! And you've gotta admit, the man handled the ambush with a seriously good sense of humor. Check out the video.




Aw, right? But baby adorableness and Presidential coolness aside, how embarrassed must have Cooper's parents been? I mean, of course, babies are babies, and they're going to do what babies do, but still -- it's the President of the United States! It had to have been a little bit awkward.

However, once the knee-jerk bashfulness wore off (which I assume was pretty quickly, thanks to Obama's cool-as-a-cucumber reaction), it has to be pretty awesome, no? What an unbelievable story to be able to tell your child once he's old enough. And there's photos and a video to boot! You're all over the news, little Cooper! I'm sure mom and dad are saving every little clipping they can right now. You're going to have a pretty impressive collection when you're older. Hey, maybe you'll even wind up on one of those "Where Are They Now" type of shows!

So, I guess when you think about it, the temporary embarrassment felt by Captain Wagner and Meredith is a small price to pay for the soon-to-be iconic image their son contributed to history. Nice job, Cooper.

How cute is this?


Image via YouTube

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