Baby Fighting Cancer Needs a Christmas Miracle

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Baby Isabella
As we all head home, or to relative's homes, it's the best time of the year to express appreciation to those you love. It's also the perfect time to take note of how truly blessed you are, and pray/hope/whatever you do for those that are suffering. Which is what I'm doing right now as I read about baby Isabella, who is battling a cancerous neuroblastoma in her abdomen. Isabella Pollard is a one-year-old, and her mother, Noel, is pregnant. Her father, Bo, just finished his degree in respiratory therapy and is searching for a job.

Needless to say, this family needs a miracle this Christmas to not only help care for their baby girl and the one on the way, but to be able to afford the necessary chemotherapy for baby Isabella. You can give at the website, Give Forward, which is where I headed when I heard about Isabella. And I was shocked at how many other people are in need this holiday season.


Simply by clicking on the home page, you can see how many people (and pets) are in need of help so they can afford medical care. One family has three members all battling cancer at the same time. It's tough out there if your medical insurance doesn't cover the treatment you need, or if you simply don't have any insurance.

It's the holidays, and instead of cooking, wrapping presents, and gathering to celebrate, these families are struggling. It's painful anytime of year, but this is an especially difficult time. If you haven't already tapped out your charitable giving this season, please consider helping baby Isabella, and the other families who simply need health care. You can be a part of a Christmas miracle, just with a click.

Image via Give Forward

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