Preschool ‘Bully’ Can’t Be Blamed for Classmate's Brutal Injuries

preschoolThe pictures of 3-year-old Katie Ann Guttridge are horrifying. She has a black eye, a damaged eye socket, and scratch and bite marks covering her face. But what's most shocking is how she incurred the injuries. Katie wasn't attacked by a wild animal or in a serious accident as it might appear, but rather she was brutally beaten by a classmate at her nursery school in the U.K. The classmate is 2.

Though police were called, they said there's nothing they could do as the child was below the age for "criminal responsibility," according to the Mirror. This wasn't the first time the child has been violent. Parents say she has terrorized the children for months and some, sadly, have taken to calling her "Chucky" after the demon doll in the movie Child's Play. But the problem here isn't this child. Oh she clearly has problems that seem pretty deep-seeded, but it's the fact that her parents and school officials let this happen that is most outrageous.


How a child can do this much damage to another before an adult intervenes is unimaginable in a preschool setting. Where were the teachers while this was happening? Why wasn't this little girl being watched more closely if she had a consistent record of problems? And perhaps most heartbreaking -- what on earth has made this little girl that violent at such a young age?

Parents want the child expelled, and I can understand that sentiment. If someone did something like that to my daughter, I would be horrified and certainly wouldn't want to put her back into a situation in which it could happen again. But I also fear for this little girl who did it and wonder what will become of her when she's already off to such an awful start. Calling her names and kicking her out don't do anything to help. And she clearly needs help.

Hopefully they can work something out -- an alternative preschool, therapy, or something to help address her problems instead of having them progress. But something should have been done long ago, long before something like this happened.

Have you ever encountered an extremely violent child in your child's school or elsewhere? Do you think this child should be expelled?

Image via Micah Sittig/Flickr

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