Kid Punished for Pizza Slice 'Gun' Was Just Being a Kid

pizza gunCan we talk for just a minute about kids and weapons? Have your kids found anything they can't turn into one? Really? Because the little boy from Tennessee who is on permanent "silent lunch" in his school cafeteria for pointing his pizza slice like a gun has my head spinning.

It was a SLICE OF PIZZA. Like, ZOMG, he totally could have gotten tomato sauce on someone! Call out the National Guard! Get some disinfectant!

Or better yet, get some sanity here people.


In my nearly 30 years on earth, I have yet to find anything that kids won't turn into a weapon. My friend forbid gun play in her house, so her son just built them out of LEGOs instead. My kid brother used to pretend our broom was a sword. Heck, just last night, my daughter whipped her father with her sweatshirt in a fit of pique that earned her a nice punishment.

With the way they're treating pizza guns down in Tennessee, it seems I should have promptly cleaned out her closet and forbidden her from any and all items of clothing because they are taking her down a dangerous path of violence. Picture it: I'll just send her nekkid as a jaybird out into the world from now on because garsh, I wouldn't want the zipper on a flying zip-up to take someone's eye out! How long do you think it will take before CPS is knocking on my door? EXACTLY!

Not every "weaponizing" moment is a cry for help. For realsies. Usually it's just kids being kids and using their imaginations. Something we usually encourage?

Nicholas Taylor apparently took a few bites out of his lunch and decided in true 10-year-old boy fashion that it looked less like good eats and more like a good source of fun. So he played "gun" with it. And the boring ass narcs kids at his lunch table told on him, prompting teachers to question the 10-year-old about the whole incident. Apparently Taylor initially lied about the gun play, which is why the school says he's on "silent lunch."

Funny, though, his mom got a note home saying he's in trouble for "threatening other students." You know, with that lethal bit of dough and cheese. Just imagine what he could have done with his own fingers! Better cut 'em off!

Moms, when does it stop? Is a 10-year-old boy pointing his pizza at his lunchmates really a sign of the apocalypse? Or do we need to step back and let kids be kids?


Image via PinkStock Photos!/Flickr

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