Mall Santa Brings Military Mom & Kids Together for Christmas (VIDEO)

mall santa soldier surpriseWhat makes Santa so incredibly appealing to little kids is the idea that he can do anything. Anything! It is a pretty fabulous concept, if you think about it. The only occasional problem we run into as parents is when our kids want something "Santa" really can't deliver: What do you mean, Santa can't bring me a giraffe? You said Santa can fit anything in his bag of toys because he's magic!!

Well, as it turns out, sometimes Santa really is magic. That's what 4-year-old Dominic Bruce and 2-year-old Tyson Bruce of Pittsburgh found out when their dad Scott took them to see Santa at the local mall ...


All Dominic and Tyson wanted for Christmas was to see their mommy, Dawn McCracken Bruce, who's been stationed in Iraq for the last nine months as a member of the Army Reserves. That's what they'd been telling their daddy for months, and that's what they told Santa when they sat down on his lap.

And then ... what to their wondering eyes should appear but ... Mommy!!!

Good luck making it to the end of this video without crying, that's all I have to say.

Are you waiting for a soldier to come home for the holidays?

Image via THV

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