Jimmy Kimmel Christmas Present Prank Makes Kids Cry (VIDEO)

jimmy kimmel christmas present prankIf you (like me) get a huge kick out of seeing kids incredibly disappointed by crappy Christmas presents, well, you've got to check this latest video from Jimmy Kimmel and Co. Not unlike Kimmel's Halloween prank on kids who thought their parents ate all of their candy, Kimmel yet again delivers a one-two punch of disappointment to the children of America. Some would say the very greedy, ungrateful children of America. But I just think when you bring a kid up, and then let him down, you're going to get some strong reactions.

Like these.


The only ones that actually bug me are the ones where the kids yell, "I'm not a girl!" I mean, haven't we gotten past girl toys and boy toys and thinking something is bad because it's girly? Also, the Hello Kitty kid is pretty hard core. But hey, we don't know the circumstances. Maybe he only gets one Christmas present every year and his reaction isn't a crazy overreaction that it appears to be within the context of this video. Maybe Hello Kitty ate his grandmother. We don't know!

I'm also a little bit in love with the kid who scolds his sister about appreciating the present of the half-eaten sandwich. He also offers to take it off her hands. Additionally, can we give a huge round of applause to the parents who have an amazing sense of humor about their kids? The commitment to the joke was epic. "That was your great-grandfather's hammer." And the enthusiasm that mom displayed over a can of black beans and a Waffle House hat? Seriously, this is hilarious. And not at all mean. Okay, maybe a little bit mean. But just in case you didn't make it until the very end, Jimmy Kimmel totally gets schooled in a very naughty way.

Would you do this to your kids?


Image via YouTube

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