Pregnant Mom Gives Birth 4 Months Early in Unsuspecting Place

premature babyKelly Flaherty and her husband Christian decided to leave their town in Ohio for a mini three-day vacation in sunny San Diego, California. They were in need. Ohio isn't exactly known for their stellar weather and Kelly was five and a half months pregnant. Why not, right?

Well, funny thing happened while they were there. Kelly went into labor -- yes, four months early! -- and delivered a baby boy named Wyatt. Thing is, though, now the Flahertys have been stuck in San Diego. For five months. Hey, I guess there are worse places to be "trapped."


Little Wyatt is doing well. The couple created a website for him, blogging daily about his health status. Christian told Fox News, "He came out so early, I wasn’t even aware at that age that he could survive, but he’s done unbelievably well. I’m so grateful.” Mom and Dad are currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House while Wyatt remains at Rady Children's Hospital.

I knew that flying past a certain point in your pregnancy wasn't recommended, but sheesh, I didn't think that point was five and a half months. I've always heard it was okay to travel during your second trimester -- heck, I just did a few weeks ago. And to be honest, I thought the main reason travel wasn't recommended was because of health issues that could arise, not because of early delivery. I never even thought about that.

Clearly, the Flahertys are making the best of a trying situation, but I've got to be honest, I'm not so sure I'd fare the same way. I would be so disappointed if all of my preparations, my birth plan, my doctor(!) went out the window. I'm currently five months now, and I'm still in the planning of plans stage. I.E., I haven't taken the necessary courses yet; there is no finished baby's room; I haven't registered, etc. Not an ideal situation for a planner.

Like I said, though, the Flahertys seem to be doing what they can. And the most important thing of all is that their baby is okay.

Do you go into labor prematurely? How did you handle it?

Image via Cesar Rincon/Flickr

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