Hipster Parents Can Make Their Kids Way Cooler Than You With These Classes

toddler hipster classesClearly my kids have been missing out on the best classes around, as I stumbled upon this video of little kids learning how to make a cappuccino. Or perhaps they're already experts, it's unclear. Either way, I want my 2- or my 5-year-old to make me a hot cup of fancy coffee right NOW. Hooray for barista classes for toddlers! How lazy are my own, that they can't get mommy gourmet coffee drinks in the morning? Super lazy.

Well, I'm going to remedy that oversight and sign them up for the best possible after pre-school class schedule. Here are the best hipster classes for your kids.

But first, let's take a look at the video.



Let's admit these two kids are GORGEOUS. And then wonder why we didn't have the wherewithal to get our kids all up in that. It's okay, there are other ways to make up for their coffee making deficiencies. Moving on, let's sign our little ones up for the following:

  • DJ'ing for Dummies or 4-Year-Olds
  • Let's Talk About Jam, Baby: Food Preservation in 3 Easy Steps (since that's all you can count to right now)
  • Conversational Esperanto
  • Scatting to Disney Hits
  • Local or Organic? Which Squeezer Is Right for You?

Personally, I'm going to hunt down these classes, which can't be very far away from me since I live near Silverlake. I suggest those of you in Portland, Oregon, Brooklyn, Austin, Texas, Oakland, and Madison, Wisconsin do the same.

Which hipster baby class would you send your kids to until they got it right?

Image via YouTube

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