Alphabet Song for 'Bad Kids' Is Great for 'Bad' Parents (VIDEO)

the alphabet song for bad kidsIf there's one reason why I'm glad to be a mother at this particular phase in history, it would have to be this: Finally it's starting to be okay for parents to tell it like it is. Whether it's a sitcom like Up All Night or a "children's book" like Go the F**k to Sleep, at last we're admitting that parenting is messy, hard, ridiculous, hilarious, and just plain bizarre.

That's why I love this version of "The Alphabet Song" by Bad for Kids.

A! "A" is for Angry/B! "B" is for Boring/C! "C" is for Cutting Your Sister's Hair When She's Snoring ...


Ha! The truth is, sometimes our minds do wander as parents. Hey, we know our ABC's already. And even though we may be fully entrenched in a world of kid-friendliness on a daily basis, we can't help having inappropriate grown-up thoughts

I remember very clearly the first time I experienced the strange parenting sensation of straddling the line between two extremely different worlds. My then-baby daughter had a case of the 6 p.m. fussies, and I was bouncing her on one hip while watching the evening news. This was shortly after 9/11, and the anchor pointed to a map of the Middle East as he spoke.

"Islamabad, Jalalabad," I sang absentmindedly to my daughter, in the same manner as if I were singing "The Wheels on the Bus."

Suddenly I stopped. Wait, was I really singing to my infant about where Osama bin Laden was (maybe) hiding?

As I said, that was the first time I experienced this split-personality parenting sensation -- but it certainly wouldn't be the last. It's kind of like a coping mechanism, I think. 

And that's perfectly okay. So don't feel guilty if you laugh at this clip (but don't show it to your toddler, either).

Do parent parodies like this one make you laugh?


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