Woman Gives Birth in Doorway, Makes Being Induced Sound Appealing

doorwayWhen Sarah Plews, who was eight days overdue, arrived at the hospital having contractions, she was turned away. After being assessed, she was told by the midwives that she was not due in the immediate future, and that she should relax and get some lunch. So she did just that. Except she never made it to the lunch part. When she and her husband arrived at a nearby cafe, she went into full-fledged labor. They tried to make it back to the hospital in time but, alas, did not. Sarah wound up giving birth to her baby girl in a nearby doorway.


Everybody's fine -- the baby, Sarah, dad -- and Sarah isn't even passing judgement on the midwives who sent her off to lunch, but still ... this is nightmare incarnate for me.

I want to try to give birth as naturally as possible. Really, I do. I'm going to give it my all to avoid an epidural (I know, famous last words), and I don't want to be induced ... but at the same time, there's a teeny-tiny part of me, the controlling part, that wouldn't mind being induced.

If I had to pick, gun to my head, I would definitely opt for not being induced. I've tried to remain organic and toxin-free so far in my pregnancy, and plan on doing so until the end -- I'd hate to unravel all my hard work. And induction just isn't natural ... but. There is something that appeals to me about knowing exactly when I'm going to give birth, so, you know, it doesn't happen in a taxi cab or a doorway.

Not making it to the hospital in time is a long-standing fear of mine. I live in Brooklyn, and my hospital is in Manhattan, and at the wrong time of day, it could take a very long time to get there. And that frightens me. I can read up and try to be as prepared as possible, but I don't think anything could quell the terrifying emotions I'd have if I were about to have a baby -- with nary a doctor or midwife in sight. I want to get to the hospital ASAP. I don't care if I'm sitting around, bored out of my mind, for hours and hours and hours and hours on end. I want to make sure there are medical professionals present when my little one comes into this world. God forbid anything were to go wrong.

I know when the time comes, it will be a bit of a quandary for me. Like I said, I don't want to be induced, but if my doctor offers it to me -- or worse, tries to push it on me -- there will be a small part of me that will want to. Just so I know I'll be where I need to be. When I need to be there.

Were you at an inconvenient place when you went into labor? How did you handle it?


Image via cdsessums/Flickr

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