Hysterical Mock PSA Highlights Devastating 'War on Christmas' (VIDEO)

Every year, we are subject to the rantings about the "war on Christmas." It's a ridiculous straw man argument and almost laughably absurd to say that there is a war on Christmas, and this mock PSA from The Huffington Post gets it.

Guess what: Kids will not die or become depressed because they say "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas." In fact, inclusion is a much more important lesson than any that Santa Claus or railing against the "war" on Christmas could ever be.

See below:


Real problems for kids include poverty, lack of food, water, educational opportunities, and even real war. This made up "war on Christmas" is so silly and no child has ever been hurt by such a thing.

Most of those who complain about this "war" are also the ones stocking up at Wal-mart on plastic toys for Christmas morning. Personally, I worry far more about having greedy and materialistic children than I do about having children who recognize that everyone celebrates holidays differently and everyone deserves a friendly greeting.

If you celebrate Christmas with your children, then more power to you. It's a lovely, warm holiday with many good things. But saying "happy holidays" in no way undermines the celebration of Christmas. It only makes it better because everyone stays happy.

I don't want to teach my kids to be always politically correct because there is a time for honesty and realism, too. But it isn't idealistic or silly to be inclusive. It's intelligent. I would hate to have hateful, angry children who don't know how to be inclusive and kind.

Do you think this PSA is funny?


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