Psycho Cheer Mom Shows Parents What Not to Do (VIDEO)

psycho cheer momThere are a lot of reasons not to act like a crazy person at your children's sporting events and activities. Little ones like the fact that you may embarrass them and yourself, and that people will be scared of you. Then there's the big one -- someone might film you and post it on YouTube for the entire world's amusement.

That's just what happened to this woman when someone who goes by HogAlleyHogs captured her ... uh, enthusiastic cheering for her daughter at a cheer and dance competition last week. I would try to describe her actions to you, but it's hard to find words. Watch for yourself and see.


The stomping. The shrieking. I don't see a flask, but one has to wonder. What's most incredible is that no one around her told her to shut the hell up. Her poor daughter.

I have to say I do have the tiniest bit of empathy for her though. I won't embarrass my own mother with tales of her notoriously spirited cheering at the games and events of my siblings and mine, but let's just say she made her presence known. I always swore if my own children played sports I would watch in silence ... but it's not that easy.

When my son's out there on the baseball field, I feel my adrenaline start pumping, and I get so excited that sometimes I'm shocked by the yelps of joy and anguish that come out of my mouth. So I get it to a certain extent. We love our kids and get excited about their accomplishments, but we've also got to control ourselves -- for their sake and for the sake of our dignity. If you need any help controlling yourself, just watch this video again before you head out to the next game. I've got it bookmarked.

Have you ever gotten this excited about your children's activities?

Image via YouTube

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