Mother Dies From C-Section Complications After Delivering Twins

Michal Friedman and Jay For seven years, Michal Friedman and her husband Jay Snyder had been trying to have children. Being parents was their greatest dream, and they did everything they could to achieve it. So you can only imagine how incredibly excited they were when they found they were pregnant with not one, but two babies.

Though she had some morning sickness, it was a healthy pregnancy, and those nine months were the happiest of the couple's life. As the babies were breech, a C-section was scheduled for November 28 when she was 38 weeks pregnant. On November 25, the day after Thanksgiving, her blood pressure was elevated, so they decided to do the C-section early. It was then that she gave birth to two healthy babies -- Jackson James and Reverie Vivian Snyder.

But there were complications. And just four and half hours after bringing her beautiful twins into the world, she herself was taken from it and from them.


It's a story so tragic, it's almost unfathomable, but anyone who has been pregnant has likely imagined it. For many of us, feeling the life of another human being growing inside of us and knowing that we are going to be responsible for that life is the first time we really consider our own mortality. In our younger years, we often feel invincible; most of us don't think beyond our own small world. But what a big world full of terrifying things it becomes once we become mothers, and none is more frightening than not being there for our children.

While it's heartbreaking to imagine the big things that she'll miss -- their first steps, birthdays, graduations, and the like, it's the little things that I can't stop thinking about -- things like the hospital bag she packed, and the going home outfits she probably chose with great care and couldn't wait to dress them in, and the diapers waiting at home that she'll never get to change. I also can't help but think how this could have happened to me. How it could have happened to many of us, and how fortunate we all are to be with our children each and every day we get with them.

A memorial page has been set up with gorgeous photos of the twins and an incredibly moving eulogy Jay wrote about his love for his wife and the goodness she brought to the world. There's also a page in which you can donate funds to help Jay raise Jackson and Reverie if you're able.

As anguishing as the story is, the bright light is that she was able to bring these beautiful children into the world. They may never know her touch or look into her eyes, but the life she lived and her passion will surely be passed on to them by their father and her friends and family. As their father wrote in the eulogy:

And while we all may feel cheated, I am grateful I had the chance to be her boyfriend, her husband, the guy she was most happy to see, the one who knew best how to make her happy, and experience the joy of how happy that made me. Best of all, I got to be the father of her children, and I still get to love her for the rest of my life. For that gift, there are no words.

Did becoming a mother make you more aware of your own mortality?

Image via Snyder Twins

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