Controversy Over Pregnancy Card Is for People With No Sense of Humor

cardFor a lot of women, pregnancy is a touchy -- and controversial -- topic. I'm only four and a half months along, and I've already answered a litany of questions regarding whether I'm going to birth naturally; if I plan on breastfeeding or not; and what my thoughts on co-sleeping are. Before I became part of this "club," I was oblivious to the fact that subjects like these -- and pretty much everything else pertaining to pregnancy -- are such hot button issues. Before I became pregnant, my thoughts on conceiving basically stopped at, "Yay. Babies."

Although my feelings on pregnancy and bringing a child into the world are much more intricate now, to an extent, "Yay. Babies" is still at the core of my view on the whole thing. So, when people get all up in arms -- about a congratulatory card that has the word "whore" in it -- well, that just really bums me out.


The front of the pregnancy card reads, "Heard you were pregnant." Then, on the inside, it just says, "Whore." That's funny! That's silly. If I got that card, it would 100 percent make me laugh. (And, let's be honest, legitimately funny cards are rare.) One woman, who found the card in a Target in the Sacramento area, was so offended that she actually alerted a news station.

Now, I'm not completely sure if the woman was appalled at the general usage of the word "whore" or the manner in which it was used, but I'm going to assume the latter, as there are all sorts of "inappropriate" cards running rampant these days. And so to that, I say, "Seriously?"

It's a card. It's a joke. If you don't think the pregnant person you're buying for would think it's funny, don't purchase it. But to go and report it (a card!) to a local news station is just bonkers. Why does every single thing pertaining to pregnancy have to be so controversial and heavy? People have different views on different things. To each their own. No need to cause a stir every time something involving pregnancy comes up. Sheesh.

They're just babies, remember? And every once in a while -- not always -- it's okay to just say, "Yay."

Do you think this card is offensive?


Image via ognjen.odobasic/Flickr

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