Gay Boy Driven to the Brink of Suicide by Bullies Shares His Powerful Story (VIDEO)

Jonah MowryA heartbreaking video started making the rounds on the Internet this weekend, and if you haven't seen it yet, you really must take a few minutes to watch it. In it, a young boy identified as Jonah Mowry shares the extreme pain he has endured in his short life at the hands of bullies. He doesn't speak, but uses only handwritten note cards to tell his powerful story.

He tells how it started in first grade and that he still gets bullied every day (when he made this video, he was getting ready to enter eighth grade). From "fag" to "homo," he is taunted because he's gay. He talks about his cutting habit and shows his scars. Then he states: "Suicide has been an option ... many times." And my heart breaks into a million pieces.


As I watch, I can't stop wondering about his parents. Did they know? Do they know? How did they/will they react when they see this? I look at my sweet little boy, now in second grade, and see how easily his feelings get hurt for the littlest of things. My heart aches for him when he's sad he didn't get chosen for a play date, and I want to cry when he tells me someone didn't want to play with him at recess. I can't imagine how devastating it would be as a parent to know that children were cruel enough to him that he wanted to end his own life. I simply can't fathom that hurt, and I hope and pray that I never have to.

At least as bad, if not worse, is imagining my children inflicting this kind of pain on another. No one likes to think their little angel is capable of such malice, but clearly plenty of them are as cases like Jonah's are all too frequent. It's why as parents we have to work so hard to teach our children to treat people with respect and that everyone deserves kindness -- not just through our words but through our actions. It's also why I believe resilience is one of the most important attributes we can instill in our children -- because, unfortunately, everyone won't teach their children these lessons.

And, thankfully, Jonah does possess amazing resilience. He concludes the video with this statement, "I'm not going anywhere, because I'm stronger than that. I have a million reasons to be here." Right on, Jonah. You're stronger than they are. I wish you didn't have to keep fighting, but you do, because you're an amazing soul who is so much, much better than they ever will be.

What do you think of this video? Does it make you fear for your own children?

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