Poisoned Toddlers Add Fuel to Moms' Restaurant Worries

sippy cupImagine, all that time you spend child-proofing your home so your toddler doesn't drink your household cleaners, and then you go out for dinner and the restaurant pours industrial drain cleaner into your kid's sippy cup! That's what happened to two toddlers at a restaurant in England. A pitcher of drain cleaner diluted with water (thank goodness!) was just sitting on the kitchen counter, and a worker used it to to fill two toddlers' cups.

You think you're doing the right thing for your toddler when you order water instead of soda or other sugary drinks at a restaurant. But who knew this could happen! Forget food poisoning -- you could get blindsided with industrial chemical poisoning instead. No wonder I see so many parents bringing their own filled sippy cups to restaurants. 


So first of all, the kiddos are okay. They were rushed to the hospital immediately and suffered chemicals burns, but they've since recovered. The toddlers (from two different families, there the same night) both coughed and sputtered when they first drank from the cups, prompting the parents to sniff and sip to see what was the matter. And good thing they did! 

I guess I can see how this could happen. Imagine the scene at the restaurant kitchen during the dinner rush -- everyone running. I suppose the pitcher looked like it was just filled with water. No, you know what? This is bananas. No one noticed the fumes rising from the pitcher? And wouldn't you want people to be especially careful when serving little ones

We usually order milk, not water, for our son. But still, I'm going to be sniffing his cup at restaurants forever after. Like we need one more thing to be paranoid about! What now, are parents going to start grilling restaurant staff when they order? "My toddler would like some water, but we'd like ours without cleaner, thank you. Can you just get it straight from the tap? No ice, thanks."

Is this going to make you nervous next time you eat out with your toddler? Do you usually bring your own drink for your toddler?


Image via Randy Son of Robert/Flickr

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