Toddler Runs Away From Home After Mom's 'Duh' Move

toddler aloneIf there's any kind of lesson parents of toddlers can take home from recent headlines, it would have to be this: Don't leave your kids home alone. Ever! Not even if they're sleeping, not if you think all the doors are securely locked, not if you're only going out to grab a carton of milk for 10 minutes.

Just ask the parents of Arizona 2-year-old Karma Diaz, who is thought to have wandered away from her home some time between 11:30 and midnight on Monday night while her mom and her mom's boyfriend were out "running errands." Thankfully -- miraculously, even -- Karma was found at around 8:55 a.m. on Tuesday, sitting on a neighbor's front porch. Apparently the toddler was none the worse for wear, either, despite spending hours outside with no shoes or coat.

So this is one toddler-gone-missing story with a happy ending, but these stories don't generally end quite so well, do they? And so can we all agree on something??



I'm not judging Karma's parents here, or any other parents who've attempted the quick dash-out while their baby/toddler appeared to be down for the night/afternoon/etc. I've had toddlers; I know how overwhelming things can get. And apparently there was an older couple at home while Karma slept, though it's not clear who they are or what they were doing (not watching Karma, that's for sure).

I'm not saying Karma's 21-year-old mom, Jordan Diaz, is a bad mom, though she's going to have to prove otherwise as Karma is now in the custody of Child Protective Services and Jordan may be charged by prosecutors.

My message here is simple. Toddlers home alone: Bad. Toddlers home under adult supervision: Good.

Would you ever leave your toddler home alone? Even for just a few minutes?

Image via Urban Hippie Love/Flickr

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