Hooters Girl Was Fine Pick for School Career Day

classroomYou know, parents, it can be a little exhausting always having lofty goals for our kids. Sometimes you just have to be realistic: not every single kid is going to be president. Some of them might be waitresses -- at least for the four years it takes to put themselves through college. Put that in your hat and hold on to it. Because I'm about to tell you about a Hooters girl who showed up at a Florida school on career day, and the parents who need to grow up and face reality.

A mom whose kid attends the Calvin A. Hunsinger School, a K-12 public school in Clearwater that serves 130 students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, is clutching her pearls because a girl who serves wings with her jugs hanging out was at her kid's school for the Great American Teach In. The way she sees it, kids should have "higher expectations."


Kids should have high expectations. But they should also know that the number one thing in life is to try your best. There's no shame in being a waitress. Heck, when your best friend has told you she makes more money as a waitress than she ever did using her bachelor's degree in a professional office (true story), you tend to look at the women who place your plate in front of you with an extra ounce of respect.

The food service industry is the nation's leading employer. In 2008, even as the economy was free-falling, it represented 9.6 million wage and salary jobs. Not too shabby ... especially in a country where 13.9 million Americans are currently unemployed.

But, but, but ... Brittany Morgan doesn't just wait tables! She waits tables at Hooters!

I'm no fan of the place, but I say "what of it?" If Morgan had shown up for career day in orange shorts designed to give boys a peek at the bottom of her rump and a tank top that displays the decolletage, I'd be right on this mom's side.

Instead she dressed in a sweater that covered the twins. The only problem I can see is that St. Petersburg Times says she paired it with sweatpants and dirty shoes. Not ideal for career day, folks!

But fashion disaster though she might be, Morgan told the kids that it's OK to work in the food industry. And it is! It's honest work for honest pay. Kids can dream bigger, but do we really want them feeling like failures if they don't make it there? I'd prefer my kid think it's OK to take a waitressing job if it pays the bills than to feel like a big, fat failure because she was never taught that trying your best matters more than being the leader of the free world.

Would you have a problem with a Hooters girl showing at your kid's career day, provided she wasn't promoting the Hooters brand?


Image via dcJohn/Flickr

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