Doctors Find New Baby Each Time Mom Goes for Sonogram

tripletsWhen Camille Thompson went in for her sonogram, doctors informed her that she was having one, lone healthy baby, or "singleton" in medical paperwork-speak. Then, when she went in for her second sonogram, doctors informed Camille and her husband, Paul, that, actually, she was having twins! Then, on her third sonogram at 12 weeks, doctors surprised the Thompsons yet again -- they were told they were having triplets!

Cut to six months later, three healthy baby girls -- Lori, Amelie, and Sofia -- were born, and Camille and Paul, who always wanted three kids, couldn't be happier. Good for them! Way to roll with the punches. I, on the other hand, think I would freak out if I were in their shoes. Well, at least in the beginning.


See, I'm a planner. I've never been one for surprises -- no matter how good they are. I like to know what I'm getting myself into, make arrangements accordingly, and, well, generally have some control in situations. I'm annoying like that. So, if I found out I was having triplets -- three months in -- wow, that would rock me to the core. Of course, it would be wonderful once they were born (What's better than one baby? Two! What's better than two babies? Three!), but the whole "Surprise! You're having triplets" thing would trip this control freak out.

Here's what my inner monologue would sound like: Oh my God, how are we going to afford three babies? One was going to be a struggle already! And where will we put them? Great, now we're going to have to move! Should we go to the suburbs? Should we stay in the city? We can't afford the city with three babies and all those diapers and laundry! Ahhhh!

Then, of course, after the adorable little babies were born, I know I would be ecstatic and all (most) of the freaking out would melt away. But for the record, initially, I don't like surprises. But I'm happy the Thompsons do.

How would you react to finding out you were having triplets after thinking you were only having one?


Image via noquarter/Flickr

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