Cursing Baby Dolls Are Hilarious but Not for Kids (VIDEO)

cursing baby dollAround this time of year, there are always certain toys that cause a frenzy as parents scramble to get the "it" toy for their precious little ones. This year, it's some baby dolls that have parents all a flutter, but for another reason -- they curse.

The "You & Me Interactive Triplets" are a potty-mouthed trio. Though their creators say it's just bunch of baby gibberish, it's pretty clear what they're really saying. Take a look for yourself and see if you think there's any question:


Tell me you didn't hear, "Hey, crazy bitch" loud and clear? I think it's hysterical ... as long as it's nowhere near my 2 1/2-year old daughter, who I know would repeat it at the most inappropriate times. Come to think of it, there are no appropriate times for a toddler to utter that phrase, so why is the product still on shelves?

They're being sold at Toys R Us stores around the nation for $39.99, and the store says they have no intention of pulling them from store shelves unless the manufacturer recalls them. Seeing as how they're being sold to children ages 3 and up, and there's no warning on them, that seems perhaps a little irresponsible. They should at least move them to a special section and/or give a head's up as to their vocabulary -- they'd probably sell plenty as gag gifts for adults

Some parents are incensed; one told Orlando station WKMG that the dolls should be burned. I think that's going a bit far and honestly have a hard time getting that worked up about the whole matter. I wouldn't buy one for my daughter, but mostly I find the whole thing kind of funny and a bit realistic. Tell me you don't hoot and holler at your toddler's version of "fork" or some other word that sounds oddly naughty. What I really want to know is if it was just a fluke, or if some factory dude did it on purpose and is having a big laugh right now.

Are you outraged about these potty-mouthed dolls or do you think they're funny?

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