Nothing Can Ease a Mother's Anguish After Child Is Murdered

There are some horrible stories that stick with you forever, and the killing of little Matthew Cecchi was one of them for me. Thirteen years ago, Matthew was a 9-year-old boy who went to the restroom in California and never came out. He was senselessly murdered by Brandon Wilson

Now Wilson is dead, hanged in prison. But as a mom myself, I am sure that Wilson's suicide does nothing to ease the pain of losing her son in such a senseless, tragic way. He did nothing wrong and his murder was basically just because Wilson could.

Wilson may be dead now, but the lingering effects of his crime remain. Cecchi's mom will never hug her little boy again and a generation of parents is terrified to send their children into the restroom alone.


This was a murder that had ripple effects. They all do, of course, but this one was so horrific and so senseless, it makes any mom just want to hug her babies that much tighter. My heart breaks for Cecchi's mom who has to know that Wilson is no longer rotting in San Quentin as he should be, but is instead wherever the dead go.

Maybe he is in hell, but only if she believes in that.

These are the kinds of stories that keep us moms up at night. How could anyone be so cruel and so sick? That poor, poor little boy. Wilson asked to be executed and now he got his wish.

Maybe there is no justice that can suit this kind of crime, at least not one that we can provide. But as a mom myself, I hope that Cecchi's mom knows how much every mother's heart breaks for her loss and that maybe there is another place where Wilson is now paying in ways we can't even begin to imagine.

Maybe that will help her sleep at night. But I doubt it. That kind of evil should just not exist in a just world, period.

Do you think this suicide is justice?


Image via Sustainable sanitation/Flickr

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