Awesome 10-Year-Old Girl Takes On Beatbox Champ (VIDEO)

There is almost nothing cuter than a super girly little girl who can also kick butt at whatever she is doing. Whether it's sports or music or just school in general, talented little girls kick major booty. And this little Russian girl whose viral YouTube video shows her in a beatbox competition with an older champion is pretty awesome.

She can't beatbox. But she can tweet like a bird (and I mean she REALLY sounds like a bird), and the two together make some pretty amazing and unique music. In fact, watching the video, you might have to go through it twice just to recognize that they are, in fact, creating the sounds.

See for yourself:


Adorable, right? I love the way she manages to be all dainty and precious while also clearly being very into what she's doing. It's less a competition and more an awesome duet.

My daughter makes a really good seagull noise, but it's less musical and more eardrum-bursting. Maybe I should help her channel that talent into something useful. If this girl doesn't make it in music, she has a future in bird-calling, right?

But I think the two of them might have a future in music together.

Did you like the video?


Image via YouTube

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