Patti LaBelle Has Grown-Up Tantrum Over Toddler's 'Bad' Behavior

screaming toddlerIf there was one thing that really bugged me about having toddlers, it was getting an attitude from strangers over my small children behaving like small children in public. Obviously the recent Patti LaBelle lawsuit involving the singer allegedly flipping out on an 18-month-old girl and her mother (all because the child was toddling around the lobby of an apartment building) is an extreme example of this kind of thing, but even less psychotic displays of toddler intolerance are hurtful to both moms and kids.

Not to mention completely unfair. Little kids can't be expected to abide by rules for social conduct they're developmentally incapable of learning.

It's not like that 18-month-old girl decided to purposely disrupt Patti LaBelle's peaceful lobby, and I doubt her mother had any rude or malicious intent.


What's really strange to me is that LaBelle has five children of her own. I only have two, and when I see toddlers running amok, my first instinct is always to smile sympathetically at the weary-faced mom who looks like she's about to tear her hair out by the roots. (My second reaction is always to say to myself, "Thank god my kids don't do that stuff anymore!!!")

If I were that 18-month-old girl's mom, I would have sued Patti LaBelle, too. 

When my kids were that age, only regular people (no celebs) hassled us, so I couldn't sue any of them. Instead, I usually ended up blowing my top (not very constructive).

Like the time two little old ladies passed me and my mid-meltdown 2-year-old daughter on the sidewalk and one of the women made a big show of covering her ears.

Never did I think I would say such things at such a loud volume to an elderly person.

Seriously, I know patience is in short supply for just about everybody these days, but it's not that tremendous a show of willpower to refrain from rolling your eyes in contempt at the mom whose 3-year-old just accidentally knocked over a pile of travel mugs at Starbucks.

In the name of human kindness, friends: Please don't pull a Patti LaBelle.

Does it drive you nuts when people give you a hard time because your kid is being a kid?

Image via Torrey Wiley/Flickr

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