Yes, There Are Women Who’ve Had More Kids Than Michelle Duggar

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Imagine seeing one of these 20 times
There are good reasons to go down in history. Being the wealthiest person ever is a good one, or perhaps having the largest collection of soda bottle caps or Hello Kitty paraphernalia in the country. Heck, don’t lowball — in the whole world.

Being known as the most baby-making-est mother ever, on the other hand, is not unless, of course, you have single-handedly replenished the population of a decimated village or former ghost town.

Aside from women in Bible, who used to birth whole nations and entire lineages from their wombs — no, seriously, whole nations and entire lineages — I can’t think of many chicks who’ve had as many (or more?!) children as Michelle Duggar. But there are a few. 


Nicola Pridham, 20 children. This saucy British baby mama gained notoriety not because she’d had one child every year for two decades, though that seems like it would’ve been enough. She spiced up her “Supermum” image by making headlines when she walked out on hubby and father of her brood, Kevin, to be with her Internet lover, who was married with just one measly child. She must be a master of Kegel exercises.

Santkumari Pariyar, 25 children. The star of a documentary detailing the amazing birth of more than two dozen children — and the devastation of losing 17 of them in various stages of infancy — the Nepal woman lives in extreme poverty that more than likely attributed to her unfortunate circumstances. Still, with eight surviving children to dote on and a film-worthy story to tell, she’s a picture of resilience.

And, not to be outdone… Drum roll, please:

Mrs. Feodor Vassiliyev, 69 children. That’s right. A six and a nine. Together. Now, because this woman — who apparently was such a legend-in-the-making, even in her own era, that folks didn’t bother documenting her name — lived back in the 1700s when record-keeping was still a sketchy science, the validity of this claim has been disputed by modern-day scholars. But supposedly, she popped out almost 70 kids in 27 pregnancies that included 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. How’s that for efficiency?

Honorable mention: Nadya Suleman, 14 children. Ah, the notorious “Octomom.” Giving birth to one child — naturally, C-section, doesn’t matter — is a feat of champions. Delivering eight at one time when you have six already at home makes you a heavyweight champ. Like Muhammad Ali, greatest of all time status. The smallest babe in the Suleman train weighed a mere 1 lb., 8 oz. but all babies, who were born in 2009, set a record as the longest-surviving set of octuplets born in the U.S.

All I know is this: I never met Michelle Duggar, don’t know a thing about her besides what I see on TV and read in the media. But there are some things I can deduce about her just from knowing that she has pushed 19, almost 20 human beings into the world and raised them to be decent people. She has to have the virility of a field mouse and the gracious patience of, well, Michelle Duggar.

How many kids is too many kids?

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