Mom Leaves Toddler in Car to Get Gas; Child Disappears

carseatJulia Biryukova is the mother whose 2-year-old son Sky Metalwala is missing. She says she was driving her sick child to the hospital when she ran out of gas. She left sleeping Sky in the car seat while she walked with her 4-year-old daughter a mile down the road.

I wish we lived in a world where leaving your sick child sleeping in the car seat while you went down the road to get gas after running out was okay. But we all know we don't.

So why did Julia think that was okay? And what's up with the really big holes in her story?


This isn't the first time Julia left her baby alone somewhere. When Sky was just 3 months old, Julia and her then-husband left him in the car in a Target parking lot. They were cited for "reckless endangerment" -- which means Julia got the memo that you don't just leave kids alone in cars while you wander off.

But isn't that something we all get? For my son's first three years, I was totally paranoid about leaving him alone anywhere more than 5 seconds. I had crazy abduction anxiety. I was on pins and needles if I had to sprint to the other side of the playground just to retrieve a forgotten toy. I don't know why I was so convinced that everyone in the world wanted my boy (yes I do, he's gorgeous), but it made me paranoid.

I understand feeling inconvenienced by your child. It is annoying that they can't be left alone, ever. But I cannot relate to feeling comfortable leaving my child in a car while I'm away. I wouldn't even do that now, and my son is a 7-year-old!

Julia Biryukova's story gets even weirder, though. According to the police, there was plenty of gas in the car -- enough to keep going to the hospital and too much to hand-carry back from a gas station. And freakiest of all, her story seems to mirror an episode of Law & Order where a mother falsely claims she left her toddler in the car while she ran into a store to buy diapers -- the toddler is found dead and the police tie his death to the parents. This episode aired the day before Sky went missing.

Hmmm, it seems ridiculous that anyone would plot a murder after a Law & Order episode -- but it's even more ridiculous that a mom would leave a sick toddler in the car while she walks a mile away. I think Julia is hiding something -- either something she did or something someone she knows did.

Would you ever leave your sleeping toddler alone in your car? 

Image via AlishaV/Flickr

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